SO many of us here at the radio station have been complaining to each other about our diets.  That's because we've all been on the same one.

Our company is taking on a 12 week fitness challenge and it just started last Monday with a 21-day detox.  I've never been on this aggressive of diet and honestly, it hasn't been easy.

Since I moved back to Boise last May, I've realized college did me dirty.  While at Gonzaga I was working on-campus, doing a night show at a radio station in Spokane, and working overnights at a hotel in downtown Spokane...I had to make ends meet while going to school. Not to mention, this wasn't high school anymore...I wasn't playing any sports.

The lack of sleep and time meant my eating habits were AWFUL. What could I pick up on my way to and from campus?  What was cheap to grab on my way to work.  It's no secret I added some pounds over those 4 years of college and I've been trying to get rid of them since.

I knew when our company teamed up with Kvell Fitness and Nutrition in downtown Boise, this would be a really great opportunity to have access to some full body workout classes and nutrition planning.

SO. We're one week in on this detox and honestly, besides craving some foods I like, such as beans or sandwiches-- I feel GREAT. Normally I wouldn't share all of this online, but I feel like this could really be a way to keep me accountable.  11 weeks to go, 2 more in this detox phase, and after just 5 days I weighed in on Friday and learned I had lost 3lbs and 1.5% body fat.  We get a weigh in and full body composition scan every Friday.  I'm excited to see these numbers continue to drop.  You can expect an update every Monday...for the next 11 weeks. If you don't see one CALL ME OUT!


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