Ha! Take that Kardashians! Some are calling us Idafornia right now and Idahoans aren't exactly thrilled. Well, don't combine those words exactly yet because Idaho is still better than Calfornia according to this new poll.

You might have the Lakers, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Kardashians but we're better drivers California! According to the Idaho Press's article about this new study, we get bragging rights on being better drivers. Don't get too excited, we're close behind Cali.

Think of the most populated, congested states in the country. I grew up living in Houston, moved to Seattle when I joined the United States Navy and made my way out to Idaho. How is it possible that we rank ONLY three states about California as the worst drivers? The sunshine state is coming in at #4 and Idaho ranks a staggering #7!

I'm no investigative reporter but I think you might call it, The Nice Factor. We're just too nice. Let me explain. Drive up to a four-way stop and see who goes first. You could be waiting for a while because everyone is like, "You go...no, you go...no it's okay (hand wave) you go 😁

Look for that to change with the rising population. The secret is out and you might as well expect more of these types of polls to move up Idaho. It is interesting that California was #1 last year and moved to #3 while Idaho was at #9 in 2017 and moved up to #7. Mmmm.

I'll keep you posted but for right now, Idaho has a few up on ya Cali!



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