That was just me being sarcastic because of course, you're happy look at that emoji, "That's the grinning face" look and I'm joined by an office of happy people. I can see the Pharrell "Happy" video now playing out in their heads.

All that being said, Idaho was just ranked #6 in the happiest states to live. Add that to a #2 ranking for the work environment, #1 in community & environment and it's no secret Idaho is moving up. We just really enjoy living in our #Idahome

Let's take a quick poll and ask some peeps how happy they are in Idaho

  • Kat Fisher (Keke and Kat, Your First Kiss in the Morning - 7 and growing!
  • Guest #2 - 6
  • Guest #3 - 8
  • Guest #4 - 9

I've actually never REALLY had conversations about how UNHAPPY people are in Idaho. I just don't hear any complaining like you would in a larger city. It's also hard to rank your hometown because usually, you want to experience other places. We don't really appreciate our hometown sometimes because we're just accustomed to the environment. You really have to explore before you can understand the true value of Idaho (my opinion).

I wouldn't believe in all the hype because the word is out. There is no fabrication in this poll. People just love living in the Treasure Valley all the way up to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. We don't have all the traffic (though it's getting worse), the crime doesn't compare (though that is also increasing) and more importantly, people seem nicer. The family aspect of living in Idaho is paramount to me. I can honestly say I'm excited to have my son and daughter grow up in this community. I've never lived in a place where the community rally for each other and that's not something you can duplicate in your next hometown.

Boise is back on top in several growth charts including Meridian and Nampa. Real estate is booming and now the hard part begins. We're becoming the big city most people don't wanna become and that's why most Idahoans live here. We'll see what the future holds but right now everyone is just HAPPY according to WalletHub and the few people I polled 😁

Source: WalletHub

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