Ok, Boise-- does it get any better than this?

We're so used to topping these "best of" lists, it's no secret that we live in a pretty great place. Crime in our city is nothing significant. Kindness is abundant. Cleanliness is everywhere. Oh, and now our flights are stress free! Or, so says this survey.

I love our city more than I can put into words.Growing up here, moving back, living here and working here...it's all a dream. But I also love a vacation as much as the next guy and hopping on a plane is always such a breather for me. I love airports, wondering what peoples stories are, looking down from the window and giving life some perspective-- it's all amazing. Often times, Mikey and I joke about how easy it is to get through the Boise Airport and apparently the secret is out on that, too!

According to a survey conducted by InsureMyTrip, a service that helps consumers with travel insurance benefits, we have one of the LEAST stressful airports right here in Boise, Idaho.

It's no surprise as skipping through security is usually a breeze unless it's a major holiday but even then...have YOU ever been stranded in Denver International!?

Topping the list is Honolulu, Hawaii (which give me even more reason to get over there finally anyway, right?) and coming in at #5 is our sweet little Boise Airport. With the speed of growth in Boise I can't help but wonder how much work will need to go into keeping it low-stress over the next several years.

Also ranking in the top 10 are Salt Lake City (#3), Portland, Oregon (#6), Spokane, Washington (#7) and Seattle, Washington (#9).

Have you had any bad experiences at these low-stress airports? Is the list missing someone?

Check out the complete list, HERE.

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