There are few things that I am as passionate about as this: I hate mosquitoes.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been extremely allergic to mosquito bites and for what ever reason, these pests LOVE to track me down and bite.  Typically when I get bit, the welt gets (and pardon the extra information here) extremely big and swollen, sometimes to the size of a golf ball.  Since I'm allergic to most allergy medicines, there's really nothing I can do but tough it out.

Having a swollen up mosquito bite for me, really isn't worst case scenario now that we know for a fact the West Nile Virus has once again made it into Ada County. So it's time everyone gets a little extra careful when they venture outside in the evenings.

Remember to use repellent with DEET in it and always check your living area for bodies of standing water--these are mosquito breeding grounds.

To see where officials are monitoring (and finding) mosquitoes, click HERE.

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