I just read this quote and it caught my attention, "West Nile is here to stay in Idaho." They just found more cases in Boise and one in Kuna. Check the mosquito map for exact locations and some ways to "fight the bite."

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It might be time to take the West Nile Virus very seriously if you live in Idaho. Tawsha Box (Cruise & Box) wrote a few breaking stories a few weeks back regarding virus outbreaks. Brace yourself as the dangerous virus moves next door in Boise and Kuna. I'm reading the alert posted to Ada County Weed, Pest and Mosquito Abatement Facebook page four days ago on July 14.

I will post the map of the infected areas, testing areas, and links to protecting yourself below.

DID YOU KNOW Idaho lead the nation in 2006 for the number of reports with 996 cases causing human illness?


The red dots above are where the West Nile was found last week. You'll notice a place in Boise and Kuna.

  1. Valley Heights Drive in Boise - North of Columbus Road between Cloverdale and 5 Mile.
  2. Kuna - West 4th Street near Indian Creek.

Why the sudden cases in the Treasure Valley? Commissioner Dave Case explained that the intense flooding made this no surprise and was unfortunately expected. Here are three ways to protect yourself:

  • Covering up the exposed skin at dusk and dawn.
  • EPA approved skin repellant.
  • Avoid mosquito infested areas.
  • Insect proof your home by replacing broken screen doors.
  • Eliminate standing water on or around your home. This is where they breed.

You download the Fight the Bite pamphlet and get more details HERE.

Check out the Official Mosquito Tracker for updated maps.



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