Stop and think abut this... What would you do with an additional 2 hours and 6 minutes everyday? Let's say we added that same time to our day and now we had 26 hour days. Would you workout for an hour? would you take up a hobby that you've been meaning to get into? would you make it a point to spend quality time with people you care about? According to North Americans spend that exact same time on social media everyday. Shocked?  Yes, I was too until I really started thinking about it. Don't worry this is not the part where I say... "America we have a problem". This is actually the part where I say... It makes sense that four of the top 7 most popular free iphone apps for 2020 are social media apps. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are on the list but neither of them are number one. The most downloaded free iphone app for 2020 is ZOOM. Fun fact the ZOOM wasn't even in the top 20 in 2019 can you say #Pandemic?. According to CNET the conferencing service went from 10 million daily meetings in December 2019 to over 300 million in April 2020. So there it is , we are using our phones for some good. Check out the top free iphone apps of 2020 list as seen on ktvb below.


Top free iPhone apps of 2020

1. Zoom Cloud Meetings
2. TikTok
3. Disney Plus
4. YouTube
5. Instagram
6. Facebook
7. Snapchat
8. Messenger
9. Gmail
10. Cash App
11. Amazon Shopping
12. Netflix
13. Google Maps
14. DoorDash
15. Spotify
16. Widgetsmith
17. WhatsApp Messenger
18. Venmo
19. Google
20. Google Meet


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