Can I pack a cooler and bring in my own food? Can I bring bottles of water? What about an umbrella to block the sun? 

Wondering what you can and can't bring to BMF this year? Check out the full list and make sure to plan ahead to ensure you'll enjoy great experience!

  • Water bottles. You may bring in sealed water bottles. Other outside food and drink is not permitted.
  • Food. No outside food is allowed but there are plenty of food options inside Expo Idaho. You know, the food you crave all year that makes your mouth water when you start to smell it.
  • Pets. No pets, please. Not this time. Leave those little kitties and pooches (and everything in between) at home. Authorized service animals are allowed.
  • Coolers, selfie sticks and umbrellas...yeah, they have to stay at home, too.

You will have a place to fill water bottles so bring a canteen (or similar) and keep that thing full.

For more information, rules, FAQ, parking information (it's free) and more, visit the Boise Music Festival site.

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