There's a lot to learn when it comes to the Boise River being the highest it's ever been and the threat of flooding. Now there are new signs in Garden City warning us of an "Emergency Assembly Point". What does it mean?

If the Boise River (and flooding that we're already seeing) gets to a point where we have to evacuate, where do we go and how to we find a place? Most importantly, how can we make sure we're with the people we love?

These green signs (pictured) are posted in the Garden Valley area as an indicator of where to meet if we are evacuated. Look for these signs around your home and meet family there so officials can take you all to a safe location where it is dry. lists locations on where to meet for those who are living on Adams Street and Chinden.

Adams residents' assembly points:

  • 37th Street & Clay
  • Reed & Adams
  • 40th Street & Adams
  • 44th Street & Adams
  • Creation & Adams
  • 50th Street & Adams
  • Bradley & 50th Street

Chinden residents' assembly points:

  • 36th Street & Chinden
  • 39th Street & Chinden
  • 45th Street & Chinden
  • 49th Street & Chinden

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