Who are you? The answers are in how you write. I asked everyone at 103.5 KISS FM to write me a little note. Write something down and analyze yours while you figure out just who you're listening to every day on the radio. 

Before we begin, let me introduce you to the people behind the handwriting. First, there's Chris Cruise. He's on with me every morning and is the Cruise of Cruise and Box. There's Kekeluv. He's on starting at 2 p.m. weekdays, created Live for 175 and our boss. There's Mateo who is on right after Kekeluv. Mateo was raised in Nampa, went to Bishop Kelly, went away for college and came right on back to us. Then there's Cindy. She's who you see very first when you pick up prizes and tickets. I thought it was important you know who you're talking to.

Wanna know more about these people? Yeah, I did, too.

Slope of the letter = Level of sociability

  • Left: Shy, likes to work alone or behind the scenes.
  • None: Independent (for the most part) and are guarded with your emotions
  • Right: Outgoing and likes to socialize with people who are around

The greater the slant, the more extreme the personality. In this case, all people are right-handed. For left-handers, the lines will slope in the opposite direction. If the slopes rise, you are optimistic and energetic. Falling slop means a lack of confidence and straight up and down signifies self-control and reliability.

Size of the letters

  • Large: Big personality, outgoing and likes the center of attention
  • Average: You're well-adjusted and can adapt to most things
  • Small: Look at you focus - you're good at it. You're likely shy and introspective

Letter Connection or Flow = How a person thinks

  • Few letters are connected: Not typically a practical person
  • Some letters connected: Great imagination and follows intuition and "hunches". Gut feelings lead.
  • All connected: Logical and thinks rationally.

Pen pressure = Health and willpower

  • Heavy pressure: Forceful and healthy
  • Light pressure: Weak (physically). Well, duh

Capital Letters = View of oneself

  • Large capital letters: Dishonest and arrogant
  • Equal size capital letters to rest of letters: Humble

Crossing "t's" = A person's "isms"

  • Thin line crossing T: Timid
  • Thick line crossing T: Wants to be in charge
  • Short line crossing T: Gets fixated on ideas
  • Long line crossing T: Aggressive and overly so

Dotting the i's = more "isms"

  • Dot is high above the stem of the letter: Tiny details are the focus rather than big picture
  • Dot close to stem of letter: Will need a lot of help opening up because they don't share
  • Dot centered above stem of letter: Precise. Overly so.
  • Dot to the right of the stem of the letter: Acts quickly (not always good)
  • Dash above stem of letter: Anxious
  • Circle dots: Is in 3rd grade or is stubborn/fussy
  • No dot: Poor memory or reckless or just lazy

Your loops = Emotions

  • Closed (no loopy "L's"): Tend to restrict yourself
  • Full loop for L: Spontaneous and expressive
  • Closed for E: Skeptical and unable to be swayed by emotional disagreements
  • Full for E: Open minded and tries new things

Your S's = High Emotion/Confrontation

  • Round S: People-pleasers who seek compromise and will avoid concentration
  • Pointy S: Likes to study new things. The higher and pointier, the more ambitious you are
  • Open S at bottom: Not following your heart and your dreams
  • Printed S: You're versatile

Take a look at the writing above and see who you're listening to. One guards emotions but likes the center of attention, a couple of them like to socialize and one of those people follows hunches and gut feelings. All are very creative. What does yours say about you?

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