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I spoke with an amazing teacher this morning from Kuna named Mrs. Kelly. We discussed the current anxiety that plagues faculty and students in 2019. The three different shootings over the last week have families on high alert.

Should I go to the mall? Which movie theater is the safest? Is my kid safe at school? Should I invest in one of those bulletproof backpacks? More importantly, what should I do if confronted with a mass shooter?

These aren't the things we should be discussing right? I would rather talk about my son and where to get swimming lessons or how to get my little baby girl to quit eating everything she sees on the floor. We have too many health obstacles that could tackle us at any moment. We battle life with mental armor every day, but this?

I'm done worrying and decided to search for preventative answers. I dug around and thought you could use some information regarding "active shooter" precautions. We might not be able to prevent an individual from inflicting their hate on society. Some things are just out of our hands no matter how hard we try. We can be prepared though.

Active Shooter Precautions

Be Informed

  • Sign up for active shooter training.
  • If you see something, say something. I was a law enforcement officer to speak on this subject. They rely on the public to report things that might not seem normal. We are basically their eyes and ears.
  • Sign-up to receive local emergency alerts and register your work and personal contact.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and any possible dangers.

Make a Plan

  • Hold a family meeting and go over what you would do in an active shooter scenario. This is one of the most important exercises to do. This lessens the blow of shock so you can move right into the action.
  • Map out the exits and quickest route. Look for places that could be potential hiding spots.


  • RUN and escape, if possible. Distancing yourself from the shooter is #1.
  • Evacuate, leave your belongings, help who you can, but don't stay.
  • Warn others from entering the premises.
  • Call 911 when you're safe and describe shooter, location, and weapons.
  • HIDE, if escape is not possible.
  • Silence all electronic devices, stay out of shooter's site.
  • Lock and block doors, close blinds and turn off lights.
  • Don't hide in groups - spread out along walls or hide separately to make it more difficult for the shooter.
  • Try to communicate with police silently via your cell or social media.
  • Stay in place until authorities say it's okay to leave.
  • Find a place out of shooter's range and make sure you can find protection if shots are fired in your direction.

Fight as an Absolute Last Resort

  • Be as aggressive as possible against the shooter.
  • Recruit others to ambush shooter with makeshift weapons like chairs, fire extinguisher, scissors, books, etc.
  • Be prepared to cause severe or lethal injury to the shooter.
  • Throw items to distract and improvise weapons to distract and disarm the shooter.

Read more on what to do after a mass shooting and more below. I hope this is never needed but better to be educated.

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