Last night I was watching some Netflix before I went to bed and I realized something: I couldn't bring myself to watch The Office, one of my favorite shows.

Yes, they're all on Netflix. No, I couldn't click "play".

Prior to my move to Boise, I was in a 3 year relationship with someone I thought I would be with for a very long time.  One of the things we did every single night? Watch The Office.  If it was late at night and we were together, we always fell asleep watching The Office.  There was nothing sentimental about it, it just became habit because we both liked the show.

Today I told Michelle Heart about that and she told me that is TOTALLY a "thing"-- to lose something in a relationship.  Apparently you can "win it back" by doing that thing with the new person you're seeing.  She gave me an example of a song that she couldn't listen to because of an ex, but planned on "winning it back" with her boyfriend.

Have you ever "lost" and "won-back" something because of a past relationship?

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