I can say this because I've lived in enough cities to know the difference. Boise and the Treasure valley have a unique way of supporting each other. I'm not saying that small fun rivalries don't exist but I am saying that people here tend to come together. A perfect example of this 208 common experience is Sharkfest 2021. You may be asking yourself... what is Sharkfest 2021?

Sharkfest is Idaho's Biggest car show. If you're a car guy like me you know that typically car shows are very specialized. For example, the Bus Pilots put on a show that's specifically for VW's, occasionally a Porsche will squeeze into the show but that's all you see at their shows. Every summer there are a ton of shows that happen in the valley and all you see is trucks.

Sharkfest is different in that Trace Carson created this show with the mission of making it as inclusive as possible. He wanted to create an event that welcomed all vehicle enthusiast. The result is an annual gathering with as many as 900 vehicles. In the past Sharkfest shows spectators have enjoyed Super cars, Imports, Domestics, Trucks, Racecars and even Motorcycles with people coming to Boise from over 100 cities. You can expect to enjoy rev offs, music, raffles and a ton of food vendors.

If you're looking for something to do with your family or if you're a mom that needs some alone time send your husband and the kids to Sharkfest 2021 at Expo Idaho on June 19th from 5-11pm.  Click here to buy tickets.

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