There are many things I love about Downtown Boise, One of them is Jack's Urban Meeting Place, or as most of us refer to it... JUMP. It's such a cool and contemporary building and the concept behind it, is my favorite because it's very community oriented. The last few times I've driven by JUMP I've noticed these giant laughing emoji's and I've wondered what they represent or why they we're put there. Along with the larger than life emoji's I've also noticed a billboard that reads "Giggling For Good".  I got so curious that I did some investigative work and in true JUMP fashion, the emoji's and billboard are another opportunity to enrich our community. Read all about the mission that JUMP is on in January compliments of their website. 
"JUMP is on a quest to kick off 2021 with grins, giggles, and guffaws
as laughter fuels positive energy and connections, improves creativity, and reduces
stress.  And as everyone is looking for more meaning right now, giggling can also put
a smile on the face of children by donating essential clothing and/or hygiene
products to the Boise School District."

You might be thinking to yourself... Great, how do I get involved? Look no further, all the info you need is below.


1. Giggle & Give
Crack-up, chuckle, and grin. Watch youthful budding comedians deliver humorous punchlines on our large JUMPotron screen in the park and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a daily jolt of humor. 
These jokes from young folks will have you rolling! 


2. Giggling feels good
So does donating to those less fortunate! Collect supplies and deliver them into the mouths of the hilarious Giggle Monsters located at JUMP! They especially love socks, underwear, hats, gloves and hygiene items including shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.           

3. LOL & Celebrate the Fun!
Giggle as you wander through the JUMP Park where you will find tractor jokes, smiley faces galore, and a joyous feeling that warms your heart! Creative installations throughout the park will keep you laughing all month long!

4. Share a laugh
Giggle & Give is open to all students ages 12 and under. If you have a joke to share, here is how:

          • Record your favorite joke 
          • Sign the model release form giving permission for us to show your joke online and on the JUMPotron.

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