Gosh, as I type that question my mind fills with stories of happiness, stresses, successes, failures, and love. When you "learn" something, that usually implies the end of that specific learning experience. Like, if you read a book, you've learned its contents, you've gained that knowledge. I don't necessarily feel like I've "learned" allot being a father because every day there is different. Once I think I got thing's figured out she changes. New words, new phase, new attitude. I think what I'm saying is the "learning" never stops, at least it hasn't in the first three years. There are some things I have picked up along the way that I continue to work on to become a better father.

#1 I can't do it without my wife.

Before marriage, before fatherhood, it was just me. I was the only person I had to worry about. I was responsible for everything 100% ME. That all changed when I became a father. I suddenly had to worry about another life, my daughter. Though I'm a (MAN) and I wrestle bears and build complicated things with my hands, I depend on my wife immensely to help care for and raise my child.

2 Patience.

Back to the top where I was talking about never completely learning how to be a father. Patience is something that you can never "learn" to have enough of. Before P, when something didn't go my way or I was frustrated, I could easily respond with anger, remember I'm a MAN. Now I find myself taking deep breaths and remembering patience.

3. Enjoy every moment.

I kind of learned this one the hard way. I mean that only because I wasn't aware how fast time would actually go by, or how fast she would change. It's sadly very fast. You have to learn to take time, really focus on the moments of the day and appreciate. They go by very fast.

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