The all American dream... home ownership. Is it even possible in Idaho anymore? There is not one day that goes by where we're not hearing about how much the market has gone up in the last month, quarter or year. Well here's another update that frankly doesn't surprise but still hurts ( You would think that as a homeowner I would be ecstatic about the rising prices but that's not exactly the case)

According to Boise homes had the largest growth in sale prices over the last four years. Fifty-Seven percent growth is the average nationally but Boise blew that away as prices jumped just shy of 72%. There was another report released a few weeks ago from the realtors association which claimed that the average cost of a home in Meridian was now $500,000. In order to keep things in perspective we have to assume that there a some homes that are selling for three quarters of a million dollars and some that are selling for $250,000. If that's the case then what kind of home can you buy for $340,000 in Idaho today?

Luckily we found something for that exact price, a manufactured home on a limited lot,  a spacious 1,700 square foot mobile home that was installed in 1971. Wait... there's something else you should know... This mobile home is not in Boise, Nampa or Meridian, It's actually in Garden Valley. Yes the Garden Valley that you drive past and barely notice on your way to McCall. Yes the community that has a mere 600 people living in it along the Payette river near Banks.


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If I was looking for a home to purchase right now I don't know if I would be laughing or crying but I know that I wouldn't be buying this particular place for that price.

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The house in question is located at 2679 W Palouse Street and will set you back a cool $650,000. At 3,613 square feet, it's actually a better value per square foot than the cheapest and much smaller home on the market in Boise. It was built in 1949, but very much feels like it's stuck the '70s.

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