If you didn't throw your glasses across the parking lot or rooftop of your solar eclipse viewing place and your eclipse glasses are in good shape, they can be reused for another eclipse. NASA even changed the rules after yesterday - see if it applies to you.

Chris Cruise is so super disappointed in the eclipse from yesterday. It wasn't what he had expected at all. Add that letdown on top of the fact that he basically missed the whole thing (I had no idea the gem I was recording and caught it all).

While Chris keeps his glasses in a memory jar (per his girlfriend's request), you can donate your eclipse glasses to kids who don't have resources.

There is an eclipse in Asia and South America taking place in 2019 and there's an organization called Astronomers without Borders who are redistributing glasses to students in other countries who will experience an eclipse.

As long as there are no major scratches and you didn't poke holes through the lenses (and the are ISO certified 12312-2), pack them up and send to:

Explore Scientific

621 Madison Street

Springdale, Arkansas

If you don't want to take the time to send the glasses and you're pretty adamant about keeping them for our next eclipse, you can actually do that despite the warning - they say. I can't find it on the NASA website but these people say it's there. Trust who you will when I spread the news (rumor, perhaps) that there is no expiration date on the solar eclipse glasses with the number 12312-2 that actually say they have an expiration date of three years.

To make it even easier, you can drop your already used eclipse glasses at the Alumni and Friends Center on University Avenue just south of Albertsons Stadium. They will be sending them to Astronomers Without Borders for us.


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