The Insane Inflatable 5K (II5K) is in roughly three weeks, and if even if you were a part of it last year you are in for a whole new experience since we've changed the obstacles.

It is one of the most fun and exhilarating 5Ks in the nation and is suitable for all ages. The II5K really doesn't feel like you just did 3.1 miles because of all the fun you have participating in it. If you still want to register for it click right here, you won't regret it.

Just to give you an update and some fun at the same time I've posted the inflatables below used in the course and what order I think they will be in. I want to know what order you think it might be in. Comment below and and we'll see who was correct on April 30th at the Expo Idaho grounds.

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    Let’s Go

    Let’s Go serves as our starting line and challenges you right from the start.

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    Mattress Run

    The Mattress Run challenges your balance and agility as you make your way across a huge mattress filled with ankle-loving holes.

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    Big Balls

    These big balls are always bouncing, and we guarantee you’ll be smacked, whacked, and knocked down by them.

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    The Mad House

    Climb, weave and maneuver your way through this intricate and challenging new inflatable. You won’t know what hit you, literally!

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    Sling Shot

    The Slingshot catapults this 5K to the next level. Make your way up the hill, then slide down into this inflatable’s challenging depths only to be shot out the back end!

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    Crash Course

    You don’t need a helmet to go through this Crash Course, but that doesn’t mean it won’t test your physical ability!

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    Wave Runner

    Don’t be fooled – just because the Waverunner is flat doesn’t mean it’s easy! We dare you to run as fast as you can over these wavy speed bumps.

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    The Humps

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    Jump Around

    This is where the rubber meets insanity. Hands down one of the most insane obstacles you’ll ever experience, Jump Around is the largest inflatable of its kind – over 70 feet of crazy, bouncy, fun!

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    Wrecking Balls

    Don’t let these big balls wreck your run. This behemoth at 110 feet long will push you to your limits, but don’t be afraid to push back. Break your way through to the other side, and try not to get demolished along the way.

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    Finish Line

    Like all of our obstacles so far? Then you’ll love our finish line! We’ve taken our bouncer’s favorite elements from all of the other obstacles on our course and combined them into one crazy inflatable.

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