When you were pregnant, did you spend hours agonizing over what you were going to name your child or did you have the perfect name in mind the minute you saw those two pink lines?

For years, I used to mess with my mom by accusing her of being "lazy" while naming me. When it comes to first names and middle names, she's MaryAnn Michelle. I'm Michelle MaryAnn. I'm the oldest child. They had nine months to decide what to name me and the best my parents could come up with was flipping my mom's name around?

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Years later, my mom admitted that she chose Michelle because one of her favorite radio DJs had a daughter named Michelle. It's either a really cool coincidence since I somehow fell into radio myself or REALLY creepy because I ended up interning with and eventually working with that DJ when I was 17.

Apparently, I was born 20 years AFTER my first name was actually popular in Idaho. The Social Security Administration has used SS card application data to track the 100 most popular baby names in each state since 1960. Looking through the list, my first name was #25 the year I was born. But if I had been born in 1968? There probably would've been a lot of other Michelles in my classes growing up. It was #1 that year!

How about your name? If your teachers had to address you by your first name and last initial, chances are it's because you had one of the most popular names the year you were born. That was the easiest way to not mix you up with another student.

Want to test the theory? Here's a look at the three most popular names for boys and girls in Idaho from 1960-2000.

What Was the Most Popular Baby Name in Idaho the Year You Were Born?

The Social Security Administration has tracked the 100 most popular baby names for both boys and girls in every state since 1960. Was your name one of the most popular the year you were born?

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