Wizard World Comic Con came to Boise over the weekend and if you didn't make it out, you definitely missed out.

Take it from a guy that has never been to a comic con before--this event was one of a kind and awesome.  Early Friday afternoon I went over to the Boise Center on the Grove to check out how set up for this event was going and pick up my "media credentials", as 103.5 KISS FM was involved in the event over the weekend. I saw tons of booths being set up and even more anxious fans ready to get inside and see everything going on.

Once the event was underway, there was a real sense of community inside the Grove. If you think about it--for sports fans there are always games for example--but how often is there an event this big for gamers or even Harry Potter fans!?

From amazing costumes that probably took months to make to some stimulating panels discussing various books and movies--Wizard World Comic Con was a huge success and we sure hope to see its return!

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