Wizard World Comic Con is done and in the history books. This weekend summed up what Boise is becoming with three competing events happening at the same time. I was able to snap some of the most expensive photos I've ever seen. No, my pictures aren't worth that amount ha!

Boise welcomed the first Wizard World Comic Con, UFC fights, and the Midnight Criterium happening at the same time on one of the hottest Summer nights this year. That didn't stop the fights, bikers, and warlords from coming together for a massive success this weekend.

I might stretch this into four different photo galleries because I took so many great pictures and beautiful costumes. COSPLAY was at it's best and can I just applaud everyone who dressed in layers of costumes, makeup, wigs, and all the other accessories that you've been working on for months. You did this in 100-degree heat and we're so proud of you. The Treasure Valley needs this event for so many reasons and I've heard Comic Con was impressed enough that 2019 will host another.

I'm pretty sure it's public so if it's not - don't quote me. I heard from someone where the force was real strong that Boise will be host to another Comic-Con in 2019 three times the size. The rumor I'm getting is that the host venue will be the new convention center they're building across from JUMP. That's just the word in the galaxy!

Thanks to everyone who showed up. This year's event was awesome and it was great to see everyone just "Nerding" out. I witness a "Nerd-Off" upstairs where members were debating Harry Potter. That was quite entertaining!

Till next year or the next event - enjoy these photos.

Wizard World Comic Con 2

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