You're a single mom but is Idaho the best place for you? Each state was ranked and Idaho did really well in one area but fell short in another. The great news: This can be fixed. 

Source: WalletHub


Nearly 10 million households are run by single moms. Moms, you aren't alone when you think about the fact that you never get a day (or night) off, that your money is all going to your child, that you actually stress about what's for dinner because "what if they don't get the nutrients they need?" and when stressing about the fact that you can't keep up with homework and sports and holidays and everything in between - especially financially. I mean, child-care costs commonly exceed the cost of rent in every single state which eats up all of our money. Yep, I'm a single mom.

150 of the largest cities in the United States were looked at and reviewed based on whether or not the environment in that city offers access to ample job opportunities and earn a livable income and, at the same time, their children receive the best and most cost-effective care.

Boise, Idaho ranks #24 when it comes to social and economical well-being. Meaning, there are jobs available that pay a livable income. However, when it comes to options for the kids (our focus), we are ranked #94. That's not good. We can make changes. That's the good news. I know of so many incredible people in childcare. I also know of so many going to school for this very thing who can change the scope of how Boise is reviewed.

Our city has changed a ton in the past 10 years - the past 3 years, really. With our focus on the things that matter most to us, we can make change happen.

Wow, that sounds like a political speech.

Perhaps I'll be a running-mate with 'Kekeluv for Gov'. Would it be Kekeluv for Gov (and Box)? That may require a little more thought.

If you average our score, Boise, Idaho didn't come out looking so bad. We are ranked #46 out of 150 of the largest U.S. cities for single moms.

Come one, come all!

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