It's that time of year again when we all have to answer a very important question. Typically it's the man in the red suit asking but for all intensive purposes today you should ask yourself... Have I been naughty or nice? Apparently Santa is going to be spending more time in certain cities based on who's been smoking, drinking, gambling, and defrauding the most. As you might expect Las Vegas continues to reign as the most sinful city in America. The good news is that is Boise is nowhere near the top of the list, as a matter of fact we're near the bottom. Boise came in at number 170 of 182. Nampa is a little more naughty and came in at number 136. See the top and bottom 10 on the list below. WalletHub has the full list here.


Most Sinful CitiesLeast Sinful Cities
1. Las Vegas, NV173. Santa Rosa, CA
2. Los Angeles, CA174. Oxnard, CA
3. St. Louis, MO175. Columbia, MD
4. Houston, TX176. Madison, WI
5. Atlanta, GA177. Cape Coral, FL
6. Miami, FL178. Port St. Lucie, FL
7. Philadelphia, PA179. Fremont, CA
8. Denver, CO180. Bridgeport, CT
9. Washington, DC181. South Burlington, VT
10. New York, NY182. Pearl City, HI


Source: WalletHub
Most vs. Least Sinful
  • Irvine, California, has the lowest violent crime rate, 0.64, which is 30.7 times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at 19.65.
  • Port St. Lucie, Florida, has the fewest thefts (per 1,000 residents), 8.74, which is 9.1 times fewer than in Springfield, Missouri, the city with the most at 79.81.
  • Irvine, California, has the lowest share of obese adults, 16.10 percent, which is 2.8 times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at 44.90 percent.
  • San Jose, California, has the lowest share of adult smokers, 8.27 percent, which is three times lower than in St. Louis, the city with the highest at 24.60 percent.
  • Detroit has the fewest tanning salons (per square root of population), 0.003646, which is 59.2 times fewer than in Las Vegas, the city with the most at 0.216017.

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