What is the pinnacle of basic? Most would agree that the two most "basic" poster items are pumpkin spice latte and UGG boots. Some people proudly indulge in both of these things and others keep them in the guilty pleasure category. Where do you think that our home state of  Idaho ranks on the Most Basic States List? and how is this determined? The fine people of Joybird.com took on the task of scoring our nations "basic-ness" and here's how they arrived at the results:


"We identified over 50 iconic basic things and popped them into Google Trends to see how much every state is searching for the products that people are constantly getting made fun of for owning or loving. Whether it’s your favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress or your classic, cozy, comfortable UGG boots, we were able to determine which states were searching for those items the most. Once we had the full data set, we found the total search volume for the basic products, calculated the sum, and ranked every state (plus Washington D.C.) from most to least basic."

So  when it's all said and done where did Idaho rank? Our fair state came in at a very basic 43 out of 51. Can you believe there are only 8 states more basic than us? Does the fact that we search the tv show "Friends" more than anyone in the nation really make us that basic? I guess so but really, all that it says about Idaho is that we're not afraid to ride a trend or for that matter  a bull.


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