I've recently been a part of a conversation here at work that I never thought would be as relevant as it is. I was at my desk last week working away when a colleague came by my desk to tell me how awful the hamburger was at one of his favorite restaurants. I mean, that's the worst--right? You LOVE one place but learn that something they offer doesn't make the cut. The entire conversation begged the question: who in the Treasure Valley has the BEST hamburger?

It's a thing that my colleague in the office has taken upon himself to discover. Little did I know, he's been to several restaurants around town purely to try their hamburger. I joined him last week at Good Burger in downtown Boise and while it was good, it wasn't amazing, and now here I am, falling victim to the hunt of Boise's best hamburger.

As I'm tapping through Instagram today I see an advertisement from White Castle (the famous burger brand) saying that May is National Hamburger Month. Now, it all makes sense and seems only fitting that I come to a conclusive answer in celebration of May, over the next couple of weeks.

As much as I would love to eat a burger a day, I can't let that happen. So I'm seeking your help. WHO has the best hamburger in the Treasure Valley? HELP. US.

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