This weekend, Carl's Jr. will enter into the trendy world of CBD. For those that don't know, CBD is the nonpsychoactive compound found in hemp and marijuana that is said to help anxiety and pain.  CBD oil is illegal in Idaho.  During the contentious Republican Gubanatorial Campaign of 2016, the debate over legalizing CBD Oil was brought up during several debates.  Governor, then candidate, Little said he favored an approach that allowed federal guidelines and regulations.  Here's a more indepth look at Idaho and CBD Oil here.
Carl's Jr. will infuse CBD into a burger to be sold at one location in Denver, Colorado on 4/20 only.
The "Rocky Mountain High" burger will feature two beef patties, pepper-jack cheese, pickled jalapenos, waffle fries and about 5 milligrams of CBD extract mixed into their Santa Fe sauce.
It only makes sense for this to happen in Colorado. The state was one of the first to legalize recreational marijuana.

This weekend will mark a significant date for those that are pro legalization of cannabis, hemp, and various forms of marijuana.  Idaho is one of several states that hasn't legalized medical or recreational marijuana.  Marijuana is currently illegal under federal law.

This Saturday the Treasure Valley will be surrounded by two pro weed festivals as we first reported here.  If you're wondering how April 20th, or 4/20 became "weed day" is documented here from Time Magazine.   Idaho Governor Brad Little has stated several times publicly that he is not in favor of marijuana legalization.


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