Television trends seem to always come and go. We’ve gone through the game show phase, talk shows, and even now we’re still dealing with reality shows. One genre that seems to stand head and shoulders above the rest is “true-crime” documentaries. There seems to be no shortage of them with what seems to be a new series or show being premiered almost weekly on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all of the other popular streaming services that we’ve come to know and love.

Now, Idaho will have its own true-crime episode to look forward to after it was just announced that the longtime popular series, ‘Forensic Files’ finished filming an episode in Bonner County.

“Are you a fan of true crime shows?”, Bonner County Sheriff’s Office asked in a Facebook post on Thursday morning.

“Forensic Files spent last week at the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office filming an upcoming episode.”

The post then goes on to recognize those who will be featured in the episode including Detective Sergeant Phil Stella, Jackie Rogers, and Sheriff Daryl Wheeler.

What’s interesting here is that the post doesn’t reveal right away which crime the episode will explore but Bonner County Sheriff’s Office does hint that the crime stems from a 2017 murder case. The post doesn’t reveal which crime they’ll be diving into but we do have our suspicions after a little bit of digging.

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