As if we needed another negative thing to happen in 2020, the day Coach Harsin left BSU the Bronco Nation was deflated. However the old saying claims that " Time heals all wounds " and that is certainly what is happening in our hometown. 17 days later  Andy Avalos was announced as the new BSU Head Coach and now Andy has jumped right in and hired an assistant head coach and defensive line coach.

Frank Maile is our man and frankly after watching the press conference I love the mutual respect he has for Andy. Maile referred to Andy Avalos as 'bigtime". The two have known each other for years and Frank claims that "seeing him through the years has been impressive". I also love how he believes that  "there has to be a fear" on behalf of the competitors. Maile says he wants the other coaches to feel like "the last thing they want to do is schedule the Broncos". His goal is "to win the championship consistently". When asked about his biggest role model he responded by saying "my old man has been there since the beginning."

What is Coach Avalos take on Frank? “Frank Maile is a high-character individual, and someone that cares deeply about everyone affiliated with our program – especially the young men we bring into it,” Avalos continued in a statement. “He is someone that Bronco Nation will be drawn to because of his passion and enthusiasm, not only for our student-athletes, but also our community. On top of being an outstanding person, father and husband, he is also a phenomenal football coach.”

In regards to joining BSU Maile commented “I am so pumped to be part of this family and Bronco Nation... I am humble and grateful that Coach Avalos would allow me the privilege to influence these young men and this community, and feel blessed for such a big-time opportunity.”

Maile played at Utah State from 2004-07. He began his coaching career in 2009 and is now ready to take BSU to the next level.


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