We were hoping 2023 would walk in quietly, take a seat, and not break anything on their way in.

2023 has already failed us.

Meaning, you're going to adjust your grocery budget the next time you hit up the store.

One item in particular has actually doubled in price, quite literally, in just the past six months. The cost of eggs in Boise grocery stores, currently going for around $4.50 to $5.00 for a dozen. June of 2022, you were paying around $2.20.

Why? According to MIntyre Pastures in Caldwell, it's because the cost of bird feed has gone up, and an outbreak of avian flu took its toll on the bird population as well:

So, the breeding stock is not there. You have breeding stock wiped out and you have no eggs to hatch new chicks - you can't replace birds that are getting old. It's just a domino effect. And you are depopulating flocks that have been affected with the bird flu."

It may not feel like a lot, but imagine other grocery items doubling in price. Meat, fish, moist towelettes for the bathroom? This is absolute chaos.

Have you noticed any price jumps while you've been shopping this week? Let us know so we can help eachother save a buck or two.

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