When Bogus Basin posted a video of the hundreds of Mormon Crickets covering the road up to the mountain last month, I tried not to gag.

And then I said a little prayer that they'll be gone by July 22nd when hundreds of runners will fly down Bogus Basin Road in one of the fastest half marathons in the country. I happen to be one of those runners and I also happen to be really grossed out by Mormon Crickets. Not only do the seasonal pests give people like me the hebejebes, they actually make the roads dangerous for drivers and cyclists.

According to KTVB, these little guys have the tendency to cover an entire section of a roadway at a time.  That amount of insects on the road at the same time can actually make the roads as slippery as they are during winter months, especially after the insects end up crushed by vehicles. ITD suggests drivers that come up on swarm to drive like they would on icy roads and keep focused on driving instead of the bugs all over your car.

Over the holiday weekend, swarms were spotted on Idaho 71 near Cambridge and the Brownlee Reservoir. They've also been spotted on highways 95, 55 and 21. The cricket swarm seen in the video below happened along Bogus Basing Road on June 7th of this year. If you can't see the video on your mobile device click HERE to view it on Facebook.

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