If a stranger walked up to you at a grocery store or gas station and asked you to do a blind taste test between two cookies, would you say yes? If it weren't for some very trusting people who did, the Treasure Valley may never know the pure joy that is Crumbl Cookies!

That's exactly how Crumbl began. A few years ago, founders and cousins, Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGown embarked on a quest to make the world's best chocolate chip cookie. In perfecting that recipe, they did a lot of taste testing, changing one ingredient at a time until they found one that lived up to the title "world's best."

After that, the cousins opened their first location in Utah in 2017 selling simply warm chocolate chip cookies and milk. Eventually, they expanded their menu to include chilled Classic Pink Sugar Cookies created from a family recipe. These two cookies were staples on the weekly menu next to four rotating flavors. No matter which of the four Treasure Valley locations you ordered from, you could always count on Chocolate Chip or Classic Pink Sugar to be there for you.

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That was, until this past Saturday. If you don’t follow Crumbl on social media, this could come as a shock to you. In an April 16 video on the cookie shop’s social media pages, Crumbl co-founder Jason McGowan surprised faithful fans with the news that the Pink Sugar Cookie was being removed from the weekly line-up after April 23. It was replaced by a fifth rotating flavor in the latest “cookie drop.”

Facebook/Crumbl Cookies
Facebook/Crumbl Cookies

In the video, McGowan explained that the popularity of their rotating flavors “dwarfed” the popularity of the sugar cookie and this decision was made to let those other flavors shine. He also promised that we haven’t seen the last of the cookie. It will return at some point. We imagine that one day it may just pop up as a rotating flavor on the weekly menu.

Over the years it appeared on the menu, Crumbl estimates that their bakeries have made over 18 million sugar cookies. Local bakeries like the ones in Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Nampa made about 1250 per week.

Crumbl’s biggest competitor in the Treasure Valley, Chip, does have a signature sugar cookie on their menu. Unlike Crumbl’s, it’s served warm and has cream-cheese frosting. Crumbl’s frosting was an almond icing.

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