At least once a week I leave the station and end up stopping at the brand new Albertsons on Broadway in Boise. I love that store, it's so contemporary and has a great view from the second story brewery. I can sit up there for an hour enjoying the views and a cup of coffee from the Starbucks that's inside the store.

The downside of this experience is that every time I go there I almost get run over in the parking lot by someone who is pulling through to park. From a drivers perspective its great when you find a parking space that you can pull through cause you don't have to worry about backing out when leaving but if you think about it... pulling through to park is dangerous for pedestrians.

Think about people that are getting out of their cars, typically when you get out of your car you look back to see if anyone is pulling into the parking space next to yours, if the coast is clear then you open your door. Let's say you're in the middle of that process and someone pulls through just as you open your drivers door. NO bueno... (can you say crash? not good).

Another reason pulling through to park should be illegal is because when you're pulling through you're asking for a head on collision. The person pulling into an empty parking space is not expecting someone to come at them from the front and things will not end well.

It happens at Albertson's, The Idaho Ford Center and BSU games. The bigger the event the morel likely people will get injured. I definitely vote to make pull through parking illegal. What do you think?

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