Today we got the company wide email that all employees should wear a mask while in the building. I will ask you to keep in mind that most of the KISS-FM employees are working from home and the only people that are here are people you hear on the radio, having said that my first thought was why should I wear a mask? CNN does a really good job of  answering my question via Dr. Joseph Vinetz, a professor in the infectious disease section at Yale School of Medicine. See below:
"The idea about the face mask is to prevent the virus from coming out of somebody's mouth and nose, mostly out of their mouth," Vinetz said. "They prevent somebody, when they talk or sometimes when they sneeze or cough, from expelling virus and leading to infection in other people."
Wearing a mask doesn't totally prevent you from getting infected, Vinetz added.
The issue is that the virus can live on surfaces for hours, and in some cases up to three days. Basically wear your mask and wash your hands.

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