The homeless camp continues to occupy the grounds surrounding the statehouse. We've seen these homeless camps before during the occupy wall street phenomenon several years ago. Several Idahoans fear that this 'protest' is the beginning of a more permanent tent city that they've seen in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Check Out The Idaho State Police Inspecting Tent City

Idaho State Police work to eliminate illegal activity at the homeless protest surrounding the Idaho Statehouse.

Idaho State Police continue to visit the location, enforcing code and making arrests when necessary. Those measures are not enough to resolve the homeless issue and the blight on our capital. The officers were there to check to see if anyone was violating the rules for the Capitol Mall. Law Enforcement toured the site conducting wellness checks on those folks occupying the capitol area.

The protestors have set up camp surrounding the old Ada County Courthouse to raise awareness about Boise's lack of affordable housing. Their efforts are misguided since the city of Boise has no jurisdiction over state property. Police took away several prohibited items such as sleeping bags, pillows, and propane tanks. Camping is not allowed on statehouse grounds. Police also removed bottles of urine, discarded food, and used toiletries.

Homeless Idahoans Refuse to be Ignored as They Protest on the Capitol's Lawn

Homeless Idahoans set up tents outside of the State Capitol building to demand respect and bring awareness to their plight.

Five people were issued citations, two more given citations, and two people were arrested. The state police did share more details on the condition of some of these tents and other housing structures. Here is a detailed report from their release:
"No tents were disassembled or removed by Troopers, however in the interest of public safety, workers with the Idaho Department of Administration removed two tents first found by Troopers last Friday with interior contents covered in vomit. The tents, still on-site, were found partially collapsed and removed as a potential hazard to public health."

Whether it's the governor or some other public official, it's time for this misguided tent city to be removed from our beautiful statehouse grounds.

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