Talk about an All-Idaho Sweetheart--Kellen Moore may well be the closest thing that we've got to such a title and we're totally here for it.

You know the name, Kellen Moore: one of the most winningest quarterbacks in all of Division I college football history. Of course, Moore spent his college years playing for Boise State under the infamous Coach Pete where he lead the team to major victories on a national stage.

We can still remember the rhetoric when Moore graduated: "he's great, but just not big enough for the NFL", the critics said. After several seasons as a backup in the league, his potential was more than "big enough"--it was enough to get him a spot on the coaching roster as the Offensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, his brains--which were praised for years--are being put to work on a daily basis on the worlds largest stage in football. One term constantly used in regard to Kellen Moore is "ingenuity" and after this past weekend, the internet simply can't get enough of him.

 This weekend, on 2nd & Goal, a play was drawn up with some trickery that even the commentators on FOX knew immediately was the making of Kellen Moore: 

Perhaps the most special of all of the commentary about this play in particular is that even the experts said: this play has never been seen before, THIS play was crafted by Kellen Moore thinking outside of the box:   

And finally, my absolute favorite comment which was shared in real, true, Boise State inspired fashion:

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