The lineup for Boise Music Festival 2017 has been released. The acts this year have taken our summer party to a whole new level. You need to buy your tickets now and we're not just saying that. 

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    Avoid FOMO

    FOMO: The fear of missing out. You don't want to go out this weekend and have a friend talk about who she can't wait to see at the Boise Music Festival AND THEN start in on her summer outfit plans. Avoid FOMO and get your tickets today. That way, you know that you already have plans to be at Expo Idaho on June 24th with the rest of the Treasure Valley. Coming from someone who typically suffers from FOMO on the daily, I'm just looking out for you.

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    Guaranteed Celebrity Sighting

    No matter where you're sitting or standing at Expo Idaho, you're going to see someone you recognize. Of course, you'll see Flo Rida, The Band Perry, Sean Kingston, Hey Violet and Austin Mahone. But who will be coming with them? Not everyone stays backstage - watch for the celebrity guests with the performers. We happened to get photo bombed by Rob Thomas walking his dog side stage. Talk about rude (I kid - we were like whaaaaat?)

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    There's Music For Everyone

    Not only do you have the show on the main stage but there are several other stages with bands performing all genres of music. Bring any friend you want and you all will be able to watch a band or artist you like.

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    That Tan Tho

    You can start out the day with no color on your skin and by the end of the day, you're sunkissed and ready for summertime. Bring the sunscreen to block those bad rays and let the goodness in. Dear, Golden Goddess, we can't wait to see you. I need a little help in the tanning department.

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    Ticket Prices Are Going Up

    For the first time, the ticket prices have increased. I don't know if this was the only price increase so get your tickets now. We looked up how much it would cost to see each of these artists as solo acts and we gave up after having to spend over $200. It wasn't worth it after about $50. We became mentally broke and that much more excited for Boise Music Festival.

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