It will save you 300 hours a year and make you a happier person. This is what I read this morning and I was dying to know what could cause that sort of bliss in life. 

According to a study, Facebook makes us unhappy. Gee, I wonder why. Oh wait, I know. When someone is having a bad day, they post it. Anyone with empathy will also feel it. If someone is angry, Facebook is where you can go to share those emotions. Being on the other end of those emotions (i.e. scrolling through our feed) we take it in.

What if we took a break?

Apparently, if you delete your Facebook, not only will you save 300 hours a year, you'll also become a happier person.

I'm taking a week. I can do this. I live on social media so this may be difficult and habits will need to be broken. Today is Wednesday, January 4. I stopped using Facebook around 8:00 a.m. I won't be back until Wednesday, January 11 at around 8:00 a.m.So I can compare how I feel, this is what's going on: I'm anxious about what people are posting on my page (can't remember what my setting is to allow or not allow other people to post). I'm also anxious because Chris just asked me what someone looks like and I can't search them on Facebook to show him. I am curious what's going on and what's trending but at the same time, I am looking forward to freeing my mind of any negativity or the dreaded comparison. I compare my life with everyone's life. Maybe I can actually take a look at myself and appreciate what I have.

I've convinced Chris to do it, too. Wanna try it?

Happiness awaits.

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