Here in the great American West-- people love to attend rodeos. There are rodeos almost every weekend through the summer months all across our area-- from big and elaborate productions to small town rodeos that are far more 'intimate' and informal.

Just hours from Boise is a very popular rodeo which is held annually in Sisters, Oregon.

That rodeo, as it turns out, has gone viral as of this morning from footage captured by attendees-and it is terrifying.

Here's a look at some of the images from the totally insane rodeo incident that took place in Sisters, Oregon!

Insane Footage Captures Wild Bull On The Loose During Rodeo

What would you do if this big thing was running at you!? It happened just hours from Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

That is a big bull! 

As you can see from the photos, this bull was not playing around.

From what we can tell, the rodeo was moving along as usual--but something clearly got into the bull and made him want to run real fast and leap, literally, into the crowd. Screams went out as the bull jumped into the crowd of people and the man on the loud speaker began to instruct the crowd to find 'higher ground' if possible.

As you'll see in the video, the bull ran through the areas behind the bleachers open to the public--where you would buy beer or concessions.

According to the rodeo, three people were injured from the bull and two required ambulance transport to a local hospital.

Named 'Party Bus', we have to assume that the bull won't be having any parties, anytime soon.




See the video for yourself, below:

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