Now that I'm a parent, I think differently than I did before I had my daughter Phoenyx .  Everything runs through a "dad filter" so when I saw the news that California is trying to ban sugary beverages from kids menus I wondered if Idaho could soon follow.
California lawmakers are looking to pass a bill that would require restaurants to serve only water or unflavored milk with kids' meals in hopes of combating obesity and other diseases linked to sugar consumption.
Senate Bill 1192 passed the Assembly on Thursday but still requires one more vote before being signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown
Is this a law that Idaho would consider? I do find myself monitoring what Phoenyx drinks when we go out. If I do order her a beverage with more sugar in it, say apple juice, I'll usually dilute it with water. I think this is more a question of does the government need make these type of parenting decisions for us. If you remember, it's wasn't too long ago cigarettes were marketed to children before the government stepped in.

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