The temperature is in the mid 80's, the sun is shinning and you've applied just enough sunblock to protect you from getting burned but you definitely want a nice tan. Your friends are ready with a cooler full of beverages and an additional tube so that the drinks make it down the river safely along with the rest of your crew. The question is... Are we allowed to float the river starting on the 4th of July weekend now that we're back to stage 3 limitations which state that gatherings over 50 people are prohibited?

"All the variables that we are normally evaluating - river flow, air temperature, our coordination with the contractor for equipment rental and shuttle operations, debris removal in the river — all those things are working out well this year," said Scott Koberg, the director of Ada County Parks and Waterways in an interview with ktvb. "The one variable that isn’t lining up for us is COVID-19. We’re just not sure how we’re going to proceed quite yet with the official part of the float season."

At this point it seems to be a waiting game however, Ada County Parks and Waterways and Boise Fire are still preparing for float season. Let's cross our finger and hope that we can spend the 4th on the river.

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