The state's only legitimate political party will meet this year for its annual convention and election of officers. The Idaho Republican Party is so dominant in the Gem State that Democrats cross over to vote in the GOP's primary. The liberal party doesn't have a legitimate candidate to oppose Idaho's Republican Governor Brad Little.

How many states across the country would love to have that type of dominance over the Democrats? And yet, the Idaho Republican Party is once again seemingly at war with itself. State Representative Dorothy Moon is challenging state GOP Chairman Tom Luna. Despite the party's dominance, many grassroots Conservatives say the party has sold out to big business.

Regardless of the election's outcome, the race will be close. Chairman Luna lost by one vote two cycles ago and barely won two years ago. While in office, he sought to unify the various groups of the party, from the liberty-minded folks to the established business class. He and Ada County Chairman Victor Miller began a radio show called 'Red Wave Radio' that covered Idaho Republican Politics and interviewed national Republican newsmakers.  

Representative Moon came very close to securing the party's nomination for secretary of state. She is backed by fellow state Representative Pricilla Giddings, who ran for lieutenant governor. Representative Moon said that the Idaho Republican Party desperately needs a sustained source of revenue. She shared her thoughts on the money issue in a press release:

"Despite what you've been told, the Idaho Republican Party's fundraising has stagnated. The large fundraising numbers posted in the last two years come almost entirely from the generosity of the Trump Victory Fund, money that did not come from the efforts of our party but from a nationwide presidential campaign and money that cannot create a sustainable bankroll for a party facing a dog fight with a Democrat party that is strengthening its hold in the American West. I will build a first-rate fundraising apparatus for our party that draws upon resources from around the country."

My prediction is that if Tom Luna wins, the establishment will continue to fund the party. They may need to step up, considering Representative Moon's statements. If Representative Moon pulls off the upset, we will see a repeat of what happened several years ago. The establishment business community will not support the party and will do very little to help it until the next gubernatorial primary.

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However, will there be any new proof to validate these claims and votes? The Idaho Party would be better off tabling this measure and moving on to how to combat the growing number of liberals moving into the state.

The vote will not change the results as we're stuck with Joe Biden; however, it will make two people very happy, President Trump and Mike Lindell.

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