49 days.  49 days until my life makes sense again!

If you know me at all, I'm a football fanatic.  Boise State. Ohio State. The Cleveland Browns.  Almost all of my Saturdays and Sundays are planned from the first weekend of September through...well, the Browns never go to the playoffs, so the end of the regular season!

Super Bowl XLVII Media Day
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When it comes to NFL, my favorite place in the Treasure Valley to catch a game is (shocker) Old Chicago Downtown. That's partially because I get credit on the World Beer Tour for four of the beers I drink while watching my team lose.  It's also partially because the crew there does a really great job of creating a fun game day atmosphere! They'll cover up the pool table and have a paper football contest between the day's early game and afternoon game. I have no coordination and absolutely stink at it every single time my name gets called, but it's still a lot of fun.

That said, I may be good at one of the games they're hosting leading up to the regular season kickoff! Next Thursday, OC's hosting one of Bud Light's Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournaments! Put that in your calendar. July 27th, 6:30-9 p.m. Old Chicago Downtown.

Money pile 100 dollar bills

Get yourself in to the tournament and if you win, you earn a spot in the finals at Silly Birch on August 23rd where there's some huge prizes on the line!  We're talking $1,000, a championship belt/bragging rights and an all-expenses paid trip to Seattle to watch the Seahawks home opener against the 49ers on September 17th!

Can't make it to OC next week? They're not the only bar in the Treasure Valley hosting qualifying tournaments.  Get yourself in for a chance to compete in the finals at these other locations!

Bud Light Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Qualifiers

Jim's Alibi | July 22nd | 9 p.m. | 2710 S Broadway, Boise

Construction Zone | July 23rd | 2 p.m. | 229 W Franklin Rd, Meridian

Busted Shovel | July 23rd | 2 p.m. | 704 N Main St, Meridian

The Pocket | July 26th | 8 p.m. | 1487 N Curtis Rd, Boise

Old Chicago Downtown | July 27th | 6:30 p.m. | 730 W Idaho St, Boise

Ha'Penny | July 27th | 8:30 p.m. | 855 W Broad St, Boise

Navajo Room | July 28th | 6:30 p.m. | 4900 Emerald St, Boise

The Getaway | July 28th | 9:30 p.m. | 512 12th Ave Rd, Nampa

Sam's Smokehouse | July 29th | 7 p.m. | 3395 N Five Mile Rd, Boise

Charlie Browns | July 29th | 10 p.m. | 5783 N Overland, Boise

R BAR | July 30th | 6 p.m. | 1041 S Broadway, Boise

Cactus | August 2nd | 8:30 p.m. | 517 W Main, Boise

Busters | August 3rd | 7 p.m. | 1396 E State St, Eagle

The Curb | August 5th | 5 p.m. | 1760 S Meridian Rd, Meridian

Suds | August 7th | 8 p.m. | 1024 S Broadway, Boise

Buffalo Wild Wings DT | August 8th | 8 p.m. | 777 W Main, Boise

Whiskey River | August 10th | 7 p.m. | 1314 1st St S, Nampa

Sportsman's Hideout | August 11th | 7 p.m. | 117 Everett St, Caldwell

Charlie Browns | August 12th | 10 p.m. | 5783 N Overland, Boise

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