Needless to say, we are living in challenging times. Layoffs, furloughs and firings are becoming a daily occurrence. The other popular thing we've been hearing is about an economic stimulus but, thus far, as they say, "the check is in the mail".

When we at KISS-FM began to see our listeners in the Treasure Valley navigating through this difficult set of circumstances we decided that it was time to spread the wealth, not the virus.

We promise to make it easy to win and we also promise to give you multiple opportunities to win cash. Whether you need a hundred dollars for food, a doctor's appointment or quite frankly, the most precious commodity of the moment - toilet paper... we got you!

Here is how to win your KISS-FM Stimulus Cash.

Listen to Keke and Kat at 7am, Mikey at 11am and 2pm, Mateo at 5pm and 7pm to get your stimulus package keyword. Enter the keyword here on or make your life much easier by downloading the 1035 KISS-FM App and entering the keyword while on the go.

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Another benefit to downloading the App is that you can take us everywhere you go so no matter what time of day you listen, you will never miss the keyword.

See I told you we would make it easy for you to win. Win your KISS-FM Stimulus Cash Monday through Friday starting Thursday, March 26th.

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