The year has been hectic, nothing has been normal. I don't remember what it's like to walk into a concert with a roaring crowd or be at massive local events here in the Treasure Valley. I'm not happy about that--either. Sometimes, you've got to find some compromise in it all, I suppose.

So what is there to do about all of these cancelations?  How about staying home with one of the worlds largest superstars?

What does Boise have to do with Billie Eilish? Well, I wish that I could tell you she had a world tour rolling through town--or that we would have her on our main stage at Boise Music Festival. I can't confirm either of those things. But I can tell you that 103.5 KISS FM is giving you the cities most exclusive access to her soon to be released documentary "Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry". 

This documentary is going to be AMAZING--for both major fans of Billie Eilish (we know so many of you from calling into KISS FM) and for those who just love, appreciate, and miss live music. The movie is going to offer an intimate look at Billie Eilish's journey--which started at a young 17-years-old. Totally compelling to teens, this story will follow her home life, stage life, music writing and production life...all while just trying to be a teenager in heavily digital age.

The documentary comes out on Apple TV+ on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH!

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Courtesy of Interscope Records



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