Missed your chance to win hottest and hard to find Nintendo Switch this weekend? We've got you covered all week. Come win the new Nintendo Switch, Boise Music Festival tickets, and Roaring Springs all week.

BMF cruise and box

Summer is here! I only say that with a sneaky smile as I type on this screen because it was like tornados dropped down in the Treasure Valley Sunday night. Wind gusts reached 70 miles per hours which took down power lines, lightning strikes starting fires, and it was really something that nobody was expecting. That's just Idaho, right?

It seems like we got a late start on Summer and now everyone is really taking advantage of the sunshine. I feel like so many things have happened in the news that our minds are all over the place. I'm just hoping June 24 doesn't get here too soon because that means the days will begin to shorten already.

The last chance to win your Boise Music Festival tickets is this week. The ticket prices just increased and that means free will only be for another week. If you don't win a pair on-air this week, you MUST pay for them. Be caller 9 this week and instantly win a pair starting each morning with Cruise & Box.


A great week to Splash at Roaring Springs for Free! If you are caller 9 this week, you instantly win BMF tickets and with the App...you win Roaring Springs passes. That about $120 in tickets instantly all week!

The Nintendo Switch is definitely this Summer's hottest game system. That's only if you can find one. They've been sold out since they went on sale and that doesn't look to change anytime soon. Don't worry, we have plenty. Make sure to download the App right now because you'll need all the bells and whistles in order to win. Here's a photo we received from one of our amazing listeners, Tate and Stacie.

Homeade Switch

You can take photos from inside the app with the selfie feature. This eliminates leaving the app and trying to find a place to send something. We've streamlined all the functions on our new Kiss app and making sure they get right to us. So, Tap Dat App already!

How to win: Listen with Cruise & Box starting at 6 a.m. and then almost every hour this week. Michelle Heart, Kekeluv and Mateo at Night will all have multiple pairs of tickets to give away each our show. Good Luck!

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