It seems as though airplanes and the internet have turned this world into a very small place. Think about it... thanks to the internet now you can virtually walk through the Villa Honegg pool in Ennetburgen, Switzerland any day of the week. Thanks to airplanes you can fly across the country in less than 6 hours. Indeed it's a small world, however from time to time we discover something so cool that is basically right under our nose. Lately it seems as though every time I open my Instagram I see one of my friends at The LaBelle Lake Ice Palace. I've seen it so many times that curiosity got the best of me and I needed to find out the who, what, when and where. Turns out the LaBelle Lake Ice Palace is in Rigby Idaho. The best way to describe it, is simply a "Winter Wonderland". Imagine a compound or a mini city made of ice. An igloo is one thing but this is would be better served under the " Extreme Igloo's " label.

If Disney is the happies place on earth, LaBelle Lake Ice Palace is the coolest place on earth. Once you are done being awed by the ice sculptures and buildings, you can enjoy the fire show or a horse drawn sleigh ride. This is one those places you can take a date too or you can take the kids too. Thanks to my IG friends I discovered a new gem in Idaho and now we at KISS-FM want you to experience it as well. Monday February 1st thru Friday the 5th listen for Brooke & Jeffrey, Mikey and Mateo to open up the KISS-FM  box office multiple times a day between 6am and 6pm. Its your chance to win tickets to the LaBelle Lake Ice Palace and an overnight stay at the Shiloh Inn in nearby Idaho Falls.


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