It's December and luckily, we haven't really had to deal with much winter driving just yet. I'm all for snow in the mountains and an occasional snow fall on the valley floor...but icy conditions and snow banked roads just aren't my favorite. They certainly aren't the safest, either.

Winter conditions can also bring along a lot of unnecessary stresses for families, as well: will my tires hold up in the snow? Can my battery turn over in the cold? All of these things aren't ideal thoughts--especially during a time when parents are trying to afford gifts and travel for kids and family.

This Saturday (that's tomorrow), you can win big with Discount Tire and I hope to see you there!  We'll be giving away gift cards to Discount Tire, Boise State Men's Basketball tickets, and they'll even be holding some specials, like $50 off of 4 tires OR wheels and $100 off if you buy 4 of both.

Hope to see you Saturday at Discount Tire!!

Discount Tire is located at 6939 W State St, Boise

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