It's perhaps the largest buzz around a concert that I've ever seen here in the Treasure Valley: Garth Brooks.

I'm the first to admit, despite my Idahoan roots--I'm not what you would call a "country" guy. I appreciate the music, I know most of the current stuff, but it's never what I put on in the car (with the exception of the occasional Darius Rucker. I mean, come's HOOTIE!).

This said, in all my years in Boise, I've never seen a show announced this large in our city, let alone so many people going SO crazy over these tickets. On the first day of ticket sales, it was a near instant-sellout. The second round of tickets sold out in about a day, as well. It's in these moments of desperation that you bank on all of us at 103.5 KISS FM to get your hooked up with THE hottest tickets in the Treasure Valley-- it doesn't matter the event, the venue, or the genre.

Tonight, I'll be downtown Boise hosting Dirty Little Roddy's with none other than...GARTH BROOKS TICKETS to give you. Bring your friends, have a great time, and be ready to do ANYTHING for these tickets...

We'll see you tonight, at Roddy's!

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