You’ve got to admit, the city of Caldwell has absolutely stepped up their game.

They have spent years rigorously working to renovate their city – as a result, their downtown scene is beautiful and thriving, with fun events hosted all year round.

They have turned this little city into a must-see destination.



But don’t even get us started on the wine

Caldwell is known as Idaho’s Wine Country, because it has numerous local wineries scattered all throughout the town and valley.

In celebration of this, the first inaugural wine festival is happening this Saturday, May 14, from 5-8 pm.

It’s called the Taste of Caldwell Wine Festival and it will be located in the Indian Creek Plaza, right in the heart of downtown Caldwell.


What does this entail?

This wine festival will have entertainment and music provided by Ellie Mae Millenkamp, and the event itself is free to attend.

However, for those who want to participate in the wine tasting part of the event (I mean, duh, right?) tickets are $45 per person – which includes a commemorative glass.

According to their Facebook page, this event “features wine tastings with food and education on the agricultural impact of wine on our region,” with a specific focus on the local winery Sunnyslope Wines.

This festival also includes 14 other wineries that are participating, including: 

  • Ste. Chapelle
  • Sawtooth Winery
  • Hat Ranch Winery
  • Williamson Vineyards
  • Vizcaya Winery
  • Hells Canyon Winery
  • Kindred Vineyards
  • Huston Vineyards
  • Veer Wine Project
  • Bitner Vineyards
  • Indian Creek Winery
  • Kerry Hill Winery
  • Holesinsky Winery
  • 2C Wine Down


Wine? Food? Music? Beautiful weather? Say less.

Well done, Caldwell.

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