I love grapes but I love what it is that grapes turn into even more!  Raisins!

I joke, I joke. Cheers to some wine time, Idaho!

According to a recent survey provided by MSN, Idaho really loves their wine and it makes me feel a whole lot more normal.

Just the other day, Mikey and I were here at the radio station talking all about the local wine tours, especially out towards Caldwell. There are so many amazing options and experiences-- most people wouldn't guess that Idaho is such a hidden gem for wine making and these types of things!   Just the other night, I felt SO OLD, going to dinner and saying "I think I'm craving wine"... is that was the thirties feel like? I'm not even in my thirties yet? Ugh.

The numbers behind consumption seem to align with the opportunities to splurge with wine as Idaho tops in the nation in wine drinking, per capita.

On average, Idaho drinks 1.21 GALLONS per capita. Believe it or not... the second place winner is Georgia with ONLY... 0.25 gallons.

You can check out the entire rankings of wine consumption, per capita, below:


  1. Idaho
  2. Georgia
  3. South Carolina
  4. Arkansas
  5. Iowa
  6. Kentucky
  7. South Dakota
  8. Nebraska
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Utah
  11. Mississippi
  12. Kansas
  13. West Virginia

For the entire survey, click HERE.

What types of wine are you enjoying the most?  I love reds and have recently discovered (and taken a real liking to) this line of bourbon barrel aged wine from our fancy new Albertsons on Broadway Avenue. Chime in, and cheers!




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